The U.n.I Film

“Go over there. You’re shooting against the light …. What I’m saying to you is it won’t be in focus” 

Roger Moore to his then wife Luisa Mattioli while she was filming a home movie, as featured in the documentary ‘And the Winner Isn’t.’

The idea for the feature documentary, says Geoffrey, was to show the struggle of getting celebrities involved in the U.n.I. project. However, the film, ‘And the Winner Isn’t’, developed into much more than that.

Best described as a satirical documentary, and directed by Nik Panic, the film charts the making of the U.n.I song and video – but it’s also part-road movie, too, as Geoffrey and Ambra travel through Hollywood to find out from celebrities and industry insiders the ins and outs of winning an Oscar. The song was eventually shortlisted for an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

Sir Roger Moore’s final appearance is in ‘And the Winner Isn’t’

Three weeks into the making of the film, Sir Roger Moore died. A few days before Roger’s death, on the 23rd of May, he urged Geoffrey and Ambra to carry on with the project – and he even agreed to make his final appearance in their film.  

Joining Sir Roger in ‘And the Winner Isn’t’, as shown in the home movies featured in the film, are Sir Elton John, Dame Joan Collins, designer Valentino and Sir David Attenborough – plus a Bond girl, a famous pop star and a few other famous faces too. 

Now watch the film and see if you can spot some familiar faces.