The U.n.I Video

“When the world gives you something you have to give something back.”

Sir Roger Moore’s advice to his granddaughter, Ambra.

After graduation Ambra decided to work with her father on the U.n.I project instead of going straight to university. 

“I would be the third generation of the same family involved with the organisation, says Ambra, who “wanted to be a humanitarian because of my grandfather’s words to me.” 

The U.n.I video is a real family affair, as it’s been co-produced by Sir Roger’s granddaughter Ambra.

U.n.I go celebrity hunting in LA

In April 2017, the Moore family partnership set off for LA, enlisting the help of filmmaker Nik Panic, to go celebrity hunting. Their aim was to create a music video of celebrities miming to their song. 

And maybe a feature documentary about their adventures in Tinsletown if they could find the money to do it.

They wanted the music video to feature a host of celebrities of all ages, spanning music, theatre and film. All would mime along to the lyrics of the song, joining Sir Roger in the video.

More than 50 celebrities star in the U.n.I video

The spirit of the video and song was to get everyone together, in one of the biggest lip-syncing celebrity collaborations ever made – and have some fun. Ambra and Geoffrey wanted to produce a celebration of friendship and togetherness.

Celebrities featured in the video include some of Sir Roger Moore’s closest friends – from Hollywood actors, directors, comedians and more, miming a line from the song.

You can watch Sir Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, David Walliams, Joanna Lumley, Dame Joan Collins and Paris Hilton clearly relishing their lip-synching moment. Words mimed by celebrities in the video include the following:

“Here we are, you and I
To survive, we’ve gotta help each other
If we come together
Gotta love one another
You and I, still alive
We decide
We can make it better
If we come together

It can last forever”

The video is just what Geoffrey and Ambra wanted – and what Roger would have loved: a fun and uplifting video capturing the idea of people coming together, across generations, to make a positive change for future generations.

If you take a look at the video, you’ll see Natalie Dormer, J.J Abrams, Stephen Fry, Will Poulter – and many, many more happily lip-synching for U.n.I. 

Geoffrey and Ambra hope that the U.n.I (You & I) song will raise lots of money for UNICEF, with £1.20 of each video sold and with 30p of each song sold, going to the organisation.

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